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Title: Groovy
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Where; Down Under.(Australia)
When;  Some time ago
why;     Panic

The deep valley south west of Sydney surrounded by the Blue Mountains was a popular holiday desination back in the 1930's to 1940's. Many guest houses were situated around the valley. It was then decided to turn the valley into a dam for the extra water needed for the growing population of Sydney.nearly 2 million. A coal mine had been operating as well at the other end of the valley and when the guest houses closed down the Mine management decided to extract as much coal as possible before it disappeared under water. and  so a constant flow of trucks hauling the coal up the steep narrow gravel track cut into the side of the mountain went on 24 hours a day. As usual the more loaded each trip the more money to be made.
It was not unusual for two mates to hook up at the start of the climb the more powerful giving that extra tug needed in a couple of spots. The worst bit was near the top, only a few feet but it was enough to snuff the motor.No trouble if being tugged, ..up and over, unhook and both racing for the weighbridge no quarter given.
'First in best dressed' and away back for 'anothery.' Money money money get it while you can syndrom.
That was the introduction. ok??
Here we go.   Keith we called him' kennel guts' (we reckoned he had 6 pups in a kennel in his tummy) was fat. No not bulging a bit, but fat. But a hell of nice guy, well he was in between jobs and offered a temporary one, an o/o friend was going on holidays.
"OK" he said just for a month it was agreed. Keith was a hiway man not into tippers.
He rattled out of the yard at Camden early morning in an Acco Inter.and hit the top of the valley ready for the drop down, not too sure about this coal carting thing. As he hesitated it seemed the gravel road was barely wide enough for two cars.
He engaged 'pit gear' and eased down the track thinking all the time it looked like a roller coaster, it was so steep, also still not realy happy with everything.
No one coming up and after a couple of bends started to relax a bit, just a bit. Around the fourth bend still easing her down slowly he spotted a little fella standing on the edge of the road leaning out looking down into the valley below.
"Where did he come from?" thought Keith. At the same time he noticed two parrallel groves in the gravel road  about 20 feet long and about 2 feet apart that started shallow and then became deeper and deeper till they stopped just where the little guy was standing.
Keith eased to a stop and the little fella came over to the drivers door and looked up with a mournful face.
"I lost her... I lost me truck over the side ...down there he gestured out into the valley."I was trying to see if I could see it"
"Ya what" said Keith.
"I had too much "pudden" on she couldn't make this last bloody bit and stalled on me.I was counting the pistons going up and down but I thought she could do it. I yanked the brake on and jumped out to get a rock or two to chock the back wheels but she started to jerk backwards in gear, just slightly but before I could chock her she started to jerk back faster. I completely lost  the plot  and raced around the front and grabbed the front bar yelling for help but she took me with her thats my heel marks in the road. I had to let go at the edge.
Now that would be a sight to see. A fully loaded 25 ton coal truck wandering down backwards to-wards the precipice and a little 12 stone man hanging on for dear life digging his heels in,yelling at the top of his voice
Keith took him to the valley below, only worked one day and gave it away. he decided if anything went wrong up that climb he wouldn't be quick enough to get out.
Must have been funny tho.