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The Min Min Man

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Author Topic: The Min Min Man  (Read 202 times)
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« on: October 28, 2008, 10:48:06 am »

Down here in OZ we have a few "unaccountables"
Across the 1000 mile of desert called the Nullarbor Plain thats Latin by the way meaning no trees. null arbor
well strange things are seen occaisionaly, ghostly lights flit in the darkness on the horizon then disappear some see them some don't. Like a lit up flying saucer but hard to tell the size.
 Up on the high New England Range there has been reported a phantom like large creature called the Emmaville Tiger, just a glimpse, a blink of the eye and its not there.The story has been around for a hundred years.(I think I saw it one night. Tell you about it one day)
Out on the western Plains of Queensland a northern state, sometimes a light skips around usually near a billabong a lagoon or lake to you. It weaves and ducks around seeming to have no purpose but be annoying.
Our aboriginal's folk lore know all about it. They call it the Min Min light.
 Any way the point to this is in the fifties out on our back roads which were called highways between capital cities ( they all had gravel sections for miles) if there was a hitchhicker you gave him a lift to the next town or where ever reasonable.
Now on the old Albion HD 1953 model it had a centrifical oil cleaner attached to the pump.
Worked like a miature washing machine. On the way through the oil would be pumped in and spun quickly and contiue on with its job. Every service the top was removed and the sludge now as hard as dry rubber would be scraped off the inside outer case. are you following me here?? dont get lost.
When late at night, a very still night, completely hushed, when the motor was turned off for a quick nap with a pillow on the steering wheel, the little filter could be heard, a faint wizzing sound slowly loosing momentum and then stopping.Complete silence.
I was giving an old fella a lift to the next town one night but couldnt make it in one go. Told him I was pulling over under this big gum tree and have a nap for an hour. he nodded ok. He was tired as well.
As I switched the motor off and put my  pillow  on top of the wheel he suddenly said
"What's that, whats that sound"  pointing down to the motor.
I lifted my head "eh"
'What's that.?  Jerking his finger up and down toward the floor.
"Oh that?   That's the Min Min Man." I replied and put my head down again.
"What the hell is the bloody Min Min Man ?"
 Still with my head on the pillow I said "He comes with the truck"
"He what.?
'He comes with the truck."
"What are you talking about" by this time he was staring at me with eyes as intense as a lion stalking a prey.
I lifted my head and with half closed eyes wishing I was asleep and in matter of fact voice said.
"He's one of the little people, comes with the truck.When I switch off he races up and down the pipes and openings shutting all the doors to keep the cold air out. Does a great job too. Wouldn't be without him."
I lay my head down again but seeing his eyes still boring into me I turned and faced the door.
Exactly 30 seconds later there was a shuffling sound and i heard the passenger door open.
"I'll keep walking, I'm not tired"he called out.
'Ok" I said" Make sure you close the door that's too big for the Min Min Man" Closed my eyes with a smile
and never saw the hitch hicker again.
 Must tell you about the Red Indians in OZ one day. That was funny too.
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